Fixtures & Results for Brigg Town Juniors-U16 (2017 - 2018)
DateHome ClubHAVisiting Club
10-09-2017 Brigg Town Juniors-U162 1 Dale Park Colts-U16
17-09-2017 LGJ Gunness-U162 10 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
24-09-2017 Messingham Juniors-U161 3 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
01-10-2017 Brigg Town Juniors-U165 2 Epworth Town-U16
08-10-2017 Scotter Juniors-U162 5 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
15-10-2017 Brigg Town Juniors-U165 1 Wrawby Rovers-U16
05-11-2017 Brigg Town Juniors-U164 2 Barton Juniors-U16
03-12-2017 Brigg Town Juniors-U1613 0 LGJ Gunness-U16
28-01-2018 Barton Juniors-U161 3 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
18-02-2018 Brigg Town Juniors-U164 0 Scotter Juniors-U16
25-02-2018 Epworth Town-U160 3 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
28-03-2018 Brigg Town Juniors-U160 0 Btfc Johnsons Coaches-U16
18-04-2018 Btfc Johnsons Coaches-U160 1 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
22-04-2018 Wrawby Rovers-U160 7 Brigg Town Juniors-U16
29-04-2018 Brigg Town Juniors-U16vs.    Messingham Juniors-U16
06-05-2018 Dale Park Colts-U16vs.    Brigg Town Juniors-U16
09-05-2018 Kirton Lindsey JFC-U16vs.    Brigg Town Juniors-U16
13-05-2018 Brigg Town Juniors-U16vs.    Kirton Lindsey JFC-U16
Fixtures & Results for Brigg Town Juniors-U16
(Please note that results will not appear until they have been confirmed by the Fixture Secretary.)
Barton Juniors-U16
Brigg Town Juniors-U16
Btfc Johnsons Coaches-U16
Dale Park Colts-U16
Epworth Colts-U16
Epworth Town-U16
Kirton Lindsey JFC-U16
LGJ Gunness-U16
Messingham Juniors-U16
Scotter Juniors-U16
Wrawby Rovers-U16
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